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The Fallen Gods

Immortality. It's Yours! Take It!

The Fallen Gods is moving!!!!  Surprise!  We have a new website to use and abuse!  Please create an account and log in,  the new site is :

I will check though the day, to app any apps put through.  Email me here if you have questions.  We are still moving information from this is site! So do check back here as well!

The Fallen Gods is a progressive raiding guild on World of Warcraft's realm of Duskwood. The guild is based on an ambitious atmosphere, where members work together to create a helpful, respectful and fun enviornment. The Fallen Gods works together as one and has no place for those with their own personal agendas. It is our strong sense of teamwork that strengthens ourselves and our member players, allowing us to reach together the heights of endgame.

The Fallen Gods is a tight-knit unit of friends, working together to meet and defeat the challenges of World of Warcraft. We have met the challenges of end-game in The Burning Crusade and are looking toward the coming Wrath of the Lich King expansion with excitement!  Our members include some of the best and brightest raiding talent on our server!

We are currently recruiting , we are looking for people who can play this game and their chosen classes at levels well above average. Please read through our recruitment forum for more information.

Basic requirements:

- Level 80.  ( level 70 TBC)
- The ability to raid from 7pm - 11:30pm Monday through Thursday with seventy five percent attendance record.
- Enjoy both PvP and PvE.
- Display dedication and motivation.
- Be a team player, 'There is no "I" in team'.
- Have no fear of death, since dying is a big part of learning new encounters - this is something you shouldn't be afraid of.
- Have Ventrilo and a mic. We as a guild use Ventrilo during any major (but also minor) events and/or raids. If you do not like to talk on vent, you should still be able to reply when we need you to via Ventrilo.
- The ability to be able to complete certain things solo: farm for your repair costs, get potions, etc. Time invested outside of raids is expected.
- A computer and ISP that can handle 40+ players on the screen without issues.

Understand that we do not want to do old content. Thus, your application will be considered more seriously if you have current end game gear and are able to challenge the latest content with our best and brightest.
However exceptional players will not be overlooked; if you believe your skill and game time would be best represented under our guild tag then by all means fill out the form. We do demand that you are at least geared to the best of your ability, this means that you will have resistance sets relevant to current end game encounters.

Thank you for visiting with us and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Recruitment Video:

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

NytMyst (GM)
Kuantrel ( 1st Officer)
Souldreader, Laptop ( Raid Managers) 
RML ( Recruitment Officer)
Cheatra, Antiamann, Khasak, Brugamos, Gokhubs, Aaleandra, Minikim, RML (Class Leaders)


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