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re: App: shooties

The application submitted by shooties is as follows:

What is your characters name?:




What is your age? (note applicants must be age 18+):
51, but I don't look a day over 50.

What is your interest in joining our guild? What do you expect from us? What will you give to us?:
I was in The Risen last year with Nytmyst and took a break from playing for a few months. When I came back and started playing my hunter, Nyt had left The Risen. I contacted her looking to join her new guild but it was full of hunters at the time (imagine that)! She suggested Legio Vici, and I've been a member there for the better part of a year.

List your previous guilds.:
The Risen and Legio Vici

Why are you leaving your current guild or realm? (if you are unguilded why did you leave your previous guild or realm?):
First, let me say that there's a great bunch of people in Legio Vici. The only issue I have is that there are several hunters, and at present they only have 2 teams for 10 man Naxx, so it's difficult to run on a regular basis. They are not doing any 25 mans yet.

Please describe how your character is valuable to 10 and 25 man raiding content and what your current spec 'brings to the table'.:
Pre-BC, I was the GM of a large and successful 40 man raiding guild. Raiding is really what I like to play WoW for, and I'm not doing enough of it now.

I recently have gotten to know Lapyx and he has given me a ton of his time and advice which has resulted in my going from 1000 dps to nearly 2500! I am really good at crowd control and with 138 days played on my hunter, I think I'm pretty good at it.

Tell us about yourself!!! (Personality, real life age, gaming style):
I'm 51. (yes... old dude who loves playing WoW!). I have a great wife and 2 kids at home. Presently I work as a project manager for a $10m construction project. Before that, I was a worthless bum who married well.

Do you have vent and a mic? (this is required and needs to be working at time of applying, you must be able to speak in vent during raids) Yes, we are compatible with MACs.:
Got it, and not only do I speak, I roll over and play dead.

Time Playing WoW? How many hours do you play a week? (It's fine to average it out) Can you be consistent in regards to raid attendance? :
I normally play evenings from 8pm to about 11-12 each night.

Our raids are run Monday through Thursday, each raid lasts 4 hours. We give invites about 20-30 mins before each raid also. The attendance requirement is 75%. Can you do this?:
Should be able to.

Are you willing to respec, and if need be grind for different gear, if the guild asks you to?:

Read all threads in the 'Forums' section. You will be held accountable for knowledge of guild rules, guild farming and loot council before applying. :
All threads? Even the really boring ones? Will there be any tests later? Can I Wiki or use Cliff Notes? Anybody want to make a few bucks putting some notes together for me?

In our Guild Rules forum, Under Instance rules, what is #8:
Party on Garth! Party on Wayne!

Any extra information you would like to add can go here. Thank You!:
When I was 2, I climbed out of my crib and walked about 2 miles in a rainstorm in my pj's carrying my teddy bear. I was picked up by a city bus driver and delivered to the police station. I have other extra information I'd like to add, but I need to make everybody sign a privacy and disclosure statement first.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always
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