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re: App: henkkees

The application submitted by henkkees is as follows:

What is your characters name?:

Night Elf



What is your age? (note applicants must be age 18+):

What is your interest in joining our guild? What do you expect from us? What will you give to us?:
I like the guild

List your previous guilds.:
The Knights of Nortrend

Why are you leaving your current guild or realm? (if you are unguilded why did you leave your previous guild or realm?):
Never was somewane online

Please describe how your character is valuable to 10 and 25 man raiding content and what your current spec 'brings to the table'.:

Tell us about yourself!!! (Personality, real life age, gaming style):
Nice guy

Do you have vent and a mic? (this is required and needs to be working at time of applying, you must be able to speak in vent during raids) Yes, we are compatible with MACs.:

Time Playing WoW? How many hours do you play a week? (It's fine to average it out) Can you be consistent in regards to raid attendance? :
To much i play

Our raids are run Monday through Thursday, each raid lasts 4 hours. We give invites about 20-30 mins before each raid also. The attendance requirement is 75%. Can you do this?:
I dont now

Are you willing to respec, and if need be grind for different gear, if the guild asks you to?:

If you replied no, to our respec question can you share your reason.:

Read all threads in the 'Forums' section. You will be held accountable for knowledge of guild rules, guild farming and loot council before applying. :

In our Guild Rules forum, Under Instance rules, what is #8:
i dontw now

Any extra information you would like to add can go here. Thank You!:

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Don't Know
Monday -> Don't Know
Tuesday -> Don't Know
Wednesday -> Don't Know
Thursday -> Don't Know
Friday -> Don't Know
Saturday -> Don't Know
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