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re: App: Freygor

The application submitted by Freygor is as follows:

What is your characters name?:

Night Elf



What is your age? (note applicants must be age 18+):

What is your interest in joining our guild? What do you expect from us? What will you give to us?:
Friend of Killakilla, told me alot about you guys. I like to raid, and i am getting more into pvp and he said that this was a good guild for that. I am also new to the server coming from horde so i like to some of the best out there to find a home for my character

List your previous guilds.:
Last guild i was in was called Zombies ate my guildies on Blackwing Lair horde side. Guild merged with another guild and i left was tired of playin horde and took a break from wow and tried warhammer online but wow is always my favorite. We finished kara, Gruuls, Mags, ZA (two Timed chests), Hydross in SSC and Solarian in TK. Not much but that is my raid experience

Why are you leaving your current guild or realm? (if you are unguilded why did you leave your previous guild or realm?):
Everyone on Blackwing lair that i ran with mostly transfered off or went to the guild they merged with. They raided much earlier then i was available. I work during the day and enjoy evening raids. They wanted to raid mornings and afternoons

Please describe how your character is valuable to 10 and 25 man raiding content and what your current spec 'brings to the table'.:
Well i am a healer. This is my first Druid. I have had a lvl 70 Priest that i healed with and was at least in my opinion good at it. I enjoy healing. I am not one to try and reach the top of the DPS charts and i wanted to play a class and spec that i knew was always needed. And healers are always needed .

Tell us about yourself!!! (Personality, real life age, gaming style):
I am 23 been playin wow since game launch. love to raid and just now getting into PVP did not realy do much before. This is my second 70 character. i also have a 63 lock plus varius other characters. I am easy going try to help anyway i can. I am normally quiet but will always do what is asked.

Do you have vent and a mic? (this is required and needs to be working at time of applying, you must be able to speak in vent during raids) Yes, we are compatible with MACs.:
Yes on both

Time Playing WoW? How many hours do you play a week? (It's fine to average it out) Can you be consistent in regards to raid attendance? :
at average at least 5 hours a day normally. I have no real problems making raid times. Now that we are gettin more towards the holidays though i am mainly going to be available in the later evening due to the fact that i work at Best buy and we are starting to stay open later and are getting busier for that but mostly year round i am available openly. Also Sunday my days normally end at 7 so (8 during christmas and thanksgiving) being at Best buy my work Schedule changes from week to week sometimes on days i open the store and others i close. So some weeks i can raid every day others may not so much but i always no the week before hand

Our raids are run Monday through Thursday, each raid lasts 4 hours. We give invites about 20-30 mins before each raid also. The attendance requirement is 75%. Can you do this?:

Are you willing to respec, and if need be grind for different gear, if the guild asks you to?:

If you replied no, to our respec question can you share your reason.:
i am open to try anthing new

Read all threads in the 'Forums' section. You will be held accountable for knowledge of guild rules, guild farming and loot council before applying. :
I have read them. Sounds fair and i accept the rules.

In our Guild Rules forum, Under Instance rules, what is #8:
8. Have fun, enjoy what your doing.

Any extra information you would like to add can go here. Thank You!:
I just Turned 70 two days ago. So my gear is pretty crapy. only 500 spell power. I know that is bad but i am working on it. Let me know if this is a problem. I also am joining for my self. Killa is a friend and i would like to run/ raid with him but i dont want to be invited because he asks. Look at what i have said and my character and see if that will work for your guild. Look forward to hearing from ya

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