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re: App: Rixen88

The application submitted by Rixen88 is as follows:

What is your characters name?:




What is your age? (note applicants must be age 18+):

What is your interest in joining our guild? What do you expect from us? What will you give to us?:
I'm looking to join a guild that is organized in its raids and has mature members.

List your previous guilds.:
Shadow Lab

Why are you leaving your current guild or realm? (if you are unguilded why did you leave your previous guild or realm?):
I was the GM of Shadow Lab, however my officers had not logged in for months due to RL issues. People they recruited were not living up to expectations, and I no longer had the time to manage all of them. Bigart helped lead our raids, but we simply did not have enough geared members to move beyond Kara. I ended up disbanding the guild, but on good terms and I remain friends with many former memebrs.

Please describe how your character is valuable to 10 and 25 man raiding content and what your current spec 'brings to the table'.:
I was 0/21/40 destruction hit capped, with 1250sp dmg, however with the new WotLK talents, Affliction is my new spec. I'm always willing to respec for guild or raid purposes, and even for PvP. I'm attentive and very willing to do my homework on how my class should approach each Boss fight.

Tell us about yourself!!! (Personality, real life age, gaming style):
I'm the manager of engineering at a testing laboratory. I'm 33 and getting married this year. One side benefit of getting married is that money is tight, and so I seem to have more time to play WoW. I also play hockey and enjoy my football on Sunday while I lvling my Druid alt.

Do you have vent and a mic? (this is required and needs to be working at time of applying, you must be able to speak in vent during raids) Yes, we are compatible with MACs.:
Yes, my vent and mic are in good shape

Time Playing WoW? How many hours do you play a week? (It's fine to average it out) Can you be consistent in regards to raid attendance? :
I play about 2-4 hours most weekdays, and up to 8 hours on some weekend days.

Our raids are run Monday through Thursday, each raid lasts 4 hours. We give invites about 20-30 mins before each raid also. The attendance requirement is 75%. Can you do this?:
I could meet 50% attendance Monday through Thursday, but if any raids happened on the the weekends I would be able to improve that attendance. I'm perfectly fine as a backup Lock, or 3-4 in line for raids while I prove my worth :)

Are you willing to respec, and if need be grind for different gear, if the guild asks you to?:

Read all threads in the 'Forums' section. You will be held accountable for knowledge of guild rules, guild farming and loot council before applying. :
ok......done ;)

In our Guild Rules forum, Under Instance rules, what is #8:
Have fun, enjoy what you are doing

Any extra information you would like to add can go here. Thank You!:
I realize that my ability to meet the 75% raid req may be an issue, and will understand if that precludes me from becoming a member. However, I'm mature, no drama, and easy going, willing to take on whatever challenges/roles the guild may need of me. I know my class very well in both PvE and PvP. Bigart and I get along real well and he may be a good character reference for me.


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Joined: 22 Oct 2007
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re: APPROVED - App: Rixen88 - by Nyt

ty for the app, one of our officers will be in touch with you soon in game Happy
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