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re: Guild Rules, Raiding and Instance Rules - Required Reading

The Fallen Gods is a progressive raiding guild on World of Warcraft's realm of Duskwood. The guild is based on an ambitious atmosphere, where members work together to create a helpful, respectful and fun enviornment. The Fallen Gods works together as one and has no place foor those with their own personal agendas. It is our strong sense of teamwork that strengthens ourselves and our member players, allowing us to reach together the heights of endgame.

Listed is a general outline of our rules. Please make sure you read and understand these rules clearly, every member will be held personally responsible for knowing these. If you have any questions or comments on these please message a officer or guild leader.

Basic requirements: - Level 80.
- The ability to raid from 7pm - 11:30pm Monday through Thursday with seventy five percent attendance record.
- Enjoy both PvP and PvE.
- Display dedication and motivation.
- Be a team player, 'There is no "I" in team'.
- Have no fear of death, since dying is a big part of learning new encounters - this is something you shouldn't be afraid of.
- Have Ventrilo and a mic. We as a guild use Ventrilo during any major (but also minor) events and/or raids. If you do not like to talk on vent, you should still be able to reply when we need you to via Ventrilo.
- The ability to be able to complete certain things solo: farm for your repair costs, get potions, etc. Time invested outside of raids is expected.
- A computer and ISP that can handle 40+ players on the screen without issues.

Game Play
1. We are all here to have a good time, do not say or do anything that might cause another player to be upset or mad on purpose.

2. Respect game players, in and out of guild. Do not argue in any general chat in any city, that makes our guild look bad. Your actions reflect us as a whole. Breaking this rule will result in removal from guild.

2a. Keep Guild Chat clean. No racist jokes, extreme sexual comments, religous crack or complaining..... be respectful. We will tolerate some jokes, we're adults ... just know the limits!

2b. Respective posting in WOW forums where our guild name is with you. We ask that you do not flame and you conduct yourself as an adult. QQ issues are never to be brought there. It is for information about the game. Breaking rule will result in removal from guild.

3. When there is an issue with another guild member, bring it to a officer or guild leaders attention and it will be dealt with, you don't have to 'like' everyone you play with.... just respect them as a player.

4. Be ACTIVE. Try to be there for guild instances. We understand RL gets in the way but we do expect a lvl of commitment from you to be in this guild. Inactivity for 30+ days, without prior notice, will result in player being removed from guild. Inactivity of a new member of 10 days or more within the first month (without prior discussion) will result in removal from the guild.

5. Raid Attendance: The raid attendance requirement is 75%, We raid 4 nights per week, So that is 3 nights attendance. All guild members online during raiding times are expected to be ready to attend the raid. There are exceptions, for RL, ( if you have an attendance issue) however if non attendance become habitual, you will be removed from the raid team and possibly from the guild. We also hold the same view for raid sign ups, If you sign up and do not attend, habitually you will be removed from the raid team, and possibly the guild. We are all here to raid and progress together, and we need each other to do so.

6. Be helpful. We all need to help our fellow guildies. Even if it doesnt seem to benefit you at the time, in the long run helping a player finish quests actually helps them lvl, get better gear ..etc... it helps us all in the end.

Instance Rules (not raiding rules)
1. Use vent!
2. Team Leader must do marking, get in the habit if you haven't been.
3. There are no looting issues. Period.
4. If u honestly need it, then need it. Doesn't matter if its rare, epic or legendary.We want our guild in the best they can get.
5. Do not leave a group without notice, if you are not enjoying the group, asked to be replaced before leaving. If you enter a PUG, be prepared to wipe.
6. If you are grouping with non-guildies, make us proud of you.
7. Do not start an instance you know you don't have time to finish.
8. Have fun, enjoy what your doing.

Raid Rules
These rules are listed per instance in our forums.

Everyone must learn the saying, "What's good for the guild is good for me." We need to focus on helping our people who are ungeared get the gear that they need. This may mean running instances that you have run a thousand times before so someone may get a drop that is a massive upgrade.

Our guild members are only to raid within our guild. We work hard to get everyone keyed and geared, we want to achieve our raiding goals as a team. PUGing raids can lead to large problems. We ask that our guild raid together =)

This is important. We aren't here to farm content we've done a thousand times just to quit when we wipe learning a new encounter. We spend hours upon hours to learn new encounters until we beat them. If this is something you do not wish to be a part of, please look elsewhere. We have worked hard to get where we are - there are no free rides.

Our guilds rules on alts :

1. We ask that alts be level 70 to join.
2. Everyone is allowed only 2 alts in our guild at a time.
3. Once an alt reaches level 70 you have the option of switching it to your main should we need that class in our guild as a main. If we have 10 warriors and your alt is a wouldn't be sensible to make it your main. However it would be first on our list when a spot opened if you made the request known.
4. Do not sign up for raids with your alt. We recruit you for your main. Our raid leaders are aware of everyones alts and will ask you if your alt can join a raid if that particular alt is needed.

We welcome alts, knowing a change of pace occasionally makes everything better. Also have a horde alt guild if you are interested.

Probation Period

Every new member has a 2 week probation period.
All this probation period does is keep you at 'Initiate (mortal) status. You are able to sign up for any raids ... this is your time to get to know guildies and run instances with all of us. Being able to work together as a team is important before entering a raid with us. You must be active during this 2 week probation in order for you to be able to become a member. (We really like for you to sign up for raids during this time)
At the end of your probation period we review your performance in the guild and will inform you if you continue to member or if any other action is to be taken. Sometimes we/you find that a guild just doesn't 'fit' a particular person, this is what the probation period if for.

We look forward to raiding with you, please sign up for raids as soon as you are in the guild. Just during the initiate period you take a backseat to regular members who sign up.

Always check the website before logging on WoW for the day. We need to really push this. A lot of good info gets posted here .
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